Travelon Luggage Hanging Digital Scale 1PCS Electronic 50Kg 10g Hanging Scale LCD Kitchen Travel Luggage Scales

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The Travelon Luggage Hanging Digital Scale by KEMORELA – your perfect travel companion for hassle-free packing and stress-free journeys. This high-quality electronic scale is designed to provide accurate and reliable measurements for your luggage, ensuring you stay within airline weight limits and avoid any unwanted fees.

Certification and Power Source: Rest assured with the CE certification, guaranteeing the Travelon Luggage Hanging Digital Scale's compliance with European safety standards. Powered by advanced technology, this scale operates without the need for external power sources, offering you the convenience of on-the-go weighing.

Durable Material: Crafted with precision using sturdy plastic material, the Travelon Luggage Hanging Digital Scale is built to withstand the rigors of travel. Its robust construction ensures long-lasting durability, making it the ideal choice for frequent flyers and adventurers alike.

Model Number and Accuracy: Identified by the model number YS-8953, this hanging scale boasts an impressive accuracy of 0.1g. Say goodbye to the uncertainties of manual scales – the Travelon Luggage Hanging Digital Scale delivers precise measurements to keep you well-informed about your luggage weight.

LCD Display: Equipped with a clear LCD display, this scale presents weight readings with clarity and ease. The user-friendly interface allows for quick and effortless readings, even in low-light conditions, ensuring a stress-free weighing experience.

Versatile Use: The Travelon Luggage Hanging Digital Scale isn't limited to just luggage; it serves as an excellent kitchen companion as well. Whether you're measuring ingredients for your favorite recipes or ensuring your travel essentials meet weight requirements, this scale is up to the task.

Brand Assurance – KEMORELA: Trust in the reliability of KEMORELA, a reputable brand that stands for quality and innovation. With the Travelon Luggage Hanging Digital Scale, you're backed by a brand known for delivering precision and excellence in every product.

Say goodbye to manual scales and the uncertainty of luggage weight. Invest in the Travelon Luggage Hanging Digital Scale for a travel experience that's efficient, stress-free, and always within the limits. Make it your go-to solution for luggage weight management – because when it comes to travel, every gram counts!

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