Stylish Kids' Breathable Sports Shoes: Boys & Girls Fashion Sneakers

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Giftwal's Stylish Kids' Breathable Sports Shoes – the perfect blend of fashion and functionality for active boys and girls. Whether they're budding athletes, playground enthusiasts, or simply looking to make a style statement, these sports shoes are designed to meet their every need.

Key Features:

1. Academy Sports Shoes for Your Little Champions: Giftwal brings you sports shoes that are perfect for budding champions in the making. These shoes are crafted to provide the utmost comfort and support, making them ideal for various sports and activities.

2. Champs Sports Shoes for Style and Performance: Elevate your child's style game with these trendy sports shoes. Not only do they perform well on the field, but they also make a fashion statement off the field. Your kids will be the champs of both style and sports.

3. Available in a Variety of Sizes: We understand that children's feet grow rapidly. That's why we offer a wide range of sizes to ensure the perfect fit. Please refer to our size chart to select the most suitable size for your child. Remember to account for growth by choosing a slightly larger size.

Brand : Giftwal.
Size Chart:

  • US size 11=CN size 28 (shoes inner length 17.8cm)
  • US size 11.5=CN size 29 (shoes inner length 18.4cm)
  • US size 12.5=CN size 30 (shoes inner length 19.3cm)
  • US size 13.5=CN size 31 (shoes inner length 19.9cm)
  • US size 1=CN size 32 (shoes inner length 20.4cm)
  • US size 2=CN size 33 (shoes inner length 21.2cm)
  • US size 3=CN size 34 (shoes inner length 22cm)
  • US size 3.5=CN size 35 (shoes inner length 22.5cm)
  • US size 4=CN size 36 (shoes inner length 23.3cm)
  • US size 5=CN size 37 (shoes inner length 23.8cm)
  • US size 6=CN size 38 (shoes inner length 24.4cm)

4. Breathable Design: Our sports shoes feature a breathable design to keep your child's feet cool and comfortable during physical activities. Say goodbye to sweaty and uncomfortable feet.

5. Premium Quality: Giftwal is committed to providing high-quality footwear. These sports shoes are made to withstand the rigors of active play, ensuring durability and longevity.

Giftwal's Stylish Kids' Breathable Sports Shoes are the go-to choice for parents who want their children to look great, feel comfortable, and perform their best. Whether it's for sports practice, school, or casual outings, these shoes have got your child covered. Make the right choice for your little ones and let them step out in style and confidence with Giftwal. Shop now and watch them conquer the world, one step at a time!



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