Anti Slip Dog Paw Pads Dog Anti Slip Pads

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Dog Super Anti-Slip Pads (4 pcs/set)

Product Description:

Introducing our Dog Super Anti-Slip Pads, a premium solution designed to ensure the utmost safety and comfort for your furry friend. These specialized pads are meticulously crafted with a unique blend of materials to provide a reliable grip and protection for your dog's paws.

Key Features:

  • Superior Material Composition: Our Dog Anti Slip Pads are constructed using a combination of non-slip silicone dots, stretch cotton, and acrylic viscose. This innovative blend ensures durability, flexibility, and comfort for your pet's paws.

  • Multi-functional Design: Engineered with multiple features such as anti-scalding, anti-skid, dust-proof, and anti-cutting properties, these pads offer comprehensive protection for your dog's sole. Whether walking on slippery surfaces or rough terrains, our pads ensure optimal grip and safety.

  • Reusable & Waterproof: Designed for long-lasting use, these pads can be used multiple times without compromising on performance. The waterproof and breathable design further enhances comfort, making them ideal for all-weather conditions.

  • Ideal for Aged or Injured Pets: Our Anti Slip Dog Paw Pads are especially suitable for aged pets or pets with injured legs. The gentle yet effective grip provides support and stability, aiding in mobility and reducing the risk of slips or falls.

Elevate your pet's walking experience with our Dog Super Anti-Slip Pads, a reliable and effective solution for maintaining paw health and safety. Whether for daily walks or outdoor adventures, these pads are your pet's perfect companion for a secure and comfortable journey.

Anti Slip Dog Paw Pads Dog Anti Slip Pads


SIZE COMPARISON CHART(different measurement units)

Anti Slip Dog Paw Pads Dog Anti Slip Pads

Anti Slip Dog Paw Pads Dog Anti Slip Pads


High Stretchability

Anti Slip Dog Paw Pads Dog Anti Slip Pads

Waterproof, the glue is not easy to fall off when exposed to water.

Anti Slip Dog Paw Pads Dog Anti Slip Pads

Thin , Just lightly paste

Anti Slip Dog Paw Pads Dog Anti Slip Pads

Prevent the dog from falling over smooth wooden floors and tiles.

Anti Slip Dog Paw Pads Dog Anti Slip Pads
Highly Breathable, Non-absorbent material, dense vents, can dry quickly.
Anti Slip Dog Paw Pads Dog Anti Slip PadsHypoallergenic Adhesives, Nano+silica gel material is not easy to breed bacteria.

Anti Slip Dog Paw Pads Dog Anti Slip Pads




To preare:

1. Neatly trim or shave any hair around the paw pads

2. Nails should be appropriately trimmedThis is crucial to prevent injuries and to obtain optimal results

3. Must clean paw pads with rubbing alcohol or water prior toapplicationand allow to dry

To Apply:

4. Keep your dog lie down with relaxation and comfort

5. Remove the backing and stick right now

Option 1: Stick a whole piece on the paw pad

Option 2: Cut the Padgrips into 5 pic and apply on the individualtoes

6. Applying pressure by holding for 5 seconds to achieve properadhesion

To Remove:

7. Wet the paws and wait a minute to makethe Padgrips soaked and then pull off

Note: Please do not violently pull them off

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